I’m on a mission to generate 100 new customers for one of my clients by the end of January using digital marketing. It’s a tough but doable challenge.

Over the next 3.5 months I will be sharing my wins and losses along the way.

The #100RoofsChallenge begins

Last week I took 2 blog posts from our website along with 1 guest blog post and started driving traffic to it using Facebook Ads. People use Facebook to browse and waste time. Instead of hitting them directly with a “Free Roof Inspection” ad like everyone else, I am showing them valuable content first.

Then I will follow up with an ad to the people I know read the articles. For this campaign I left the interest based targeting pretty wide and instead focused on location based targeting.

The bread and butter client is someone whose home has been damaged by hail. We are able to pull exact data on what areas were hit by the recent storms and plug it into Facebook.

This campaign is brand new we haven’t even spent the first $100 bucks yet and we already were able to generate 3 high quality leads that turned into inspection requests.

That’s around $45,000 in potential new revenue from promoting a couple old blog posts.