None of the barbers I talk to are taking their marketing seriously. Most of them depend on the shop and their location to bring in traffic.

A good location and the reputation of a good shop will bring in customers no doubt but is your calendar full is my question?

If it’s not and you can use some more customers I am going to share with you why its a smart move to spend money on social media advertising to get new clients.

Let’s say you charge $20 a cut.

You invest $1,000 in social media marketing and we help you bring in 20 new customers. So in the beginning you will make back $400 of the $1,000 you spent. Out of those 20 new customers 12 of them become regulars who get their haircut 2 times per month. Meaning you will be doing 24 more cuts per month at $20 each for an extra $480 a month in new money rolling in.

Let’s say these 12 customers stay for 6 months. That’s $2,880.

Spending $1,000 on a facebook and instagram marketing campaign that brings you in a total of $3,280 is a smart move. And that doesn’t even count referrals that they will bring in for you.

Majority of barbers are not investing the money into marketing their barbershop. Part of the reason is because they don’t know it’s possible and the other part is that they couldn’t see how it would make sense.

Not only will it bring attention to your barbershop and create buzz it will also bring in new customers.