What if you accepted failure and said today is the day I start fresh?

This time last year I was on a wild ride of launching my startup. I hired sales people, and a prospector, and made connections with my subcontractors and at the time I felt like I was doing the damn thing. Like if you asked me what was it like to start a startup I’d say this was it. And I was right… a little.

See looking back on it there were a lot of things I did right. In less than 60 days I had built a pipeline of over $130,000 in potential new business and would go on to close $60,000 of it into real revenue for my company.

But like a house built on bad foundation. When a little wind hits it won’t hold up and that’s exactly what happened. Well sort of.

But here is something I learned from the whole experience…

Failure in life and business is a lot like failing a grade in school. Just because you fail a grade doesn’t mean you stop going to school. You just repeat the classes and move on. It may sting a little in the beginning but no one really cares and if they do who gives a shit about what they think.

No one even asks me about college when I’m out signing up new clients. They’re like oh you have a degree in finance thats amazing. They don’t ask how long did it take you. And if it does come up they say that’s great that you stuck it out and finished.

So what if you had a loss, it’s a small loss in the grand scheme of life and as long as you keep pushing and keep fighting for that dream then in the end you will get it. I mean lebron just missed two free throws that would have helped the lakers win. But he didn’t and ya know despite all of the haters and critics he’s going to get back out there and ball out.

I just want to leave you with one simple question. If you’ve been holding on to not wanting to feel like a failure tell me this… What if you accepted failure and said today is the day I start fresh?

I asked myself this question and afterwards I felt relieved. Like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Sometimes “starting over” is the best option. 

The only time we fail is when we give up completely. I’m pumped up and ready to make 2019 the year my company 10x’s our revenue and has breakout success.