How often do you look at your goals after writing them down? I’ve written my goals down at least 20 times over my lifetime.

Maybe you can relate… see I would have these moments where I get really motivated to write out my goals and I tell myself; “this time I’m going to crush them.”

I would spend an hour sometimes two, really ironing out my goals. I would be excited and pumped up to go on the journey of making my goals a reality.

But there is one thing I noticed, well 2 really.

First thing I noticed, I never completed those goals as fast as I originally planned… most of the time I didn’t complete the goal at all. I would literally forget the goals I spent 2 hours coming up with. How could I be so excited while I was writing them down only to forget about them after a month?

The last thing I noticed was after I wrote my goals down I never looked at them again. I would write my goals on a scratch sheet of paper or in some random notebook and leave it on my desk. Then as the days went by somehow it would end up in a drawer full of other papers and that would be the last I’d see it.

Maybe that’s why I forgot and never accomplished my goals. It’s like meeting a person only one time… you forget them in the sea of life. It’s not on purpose it just happens.

So I studied people who perform at a high level like athletes and successful business people. That’s when I realized one common trait within each and every one of them.

They were obsessed with their goals.

They knew them like the back of their hand and they always looked at them. Grant Cardone says he looks at his goals EVERY SINGLE DAY… No wonder he’s got a private jet.  

That’s when I realized my #1 flaw and the reason why I wasn’t able to accomplish my goals. I didn’t see them enough. I didn’t pay attention to my goals. And because of this they weren’t a priority in my life. I wasn’t auditing my progress.

I know from experience that putting my goals on a piece of paper or in a notebook wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to have my goals somewhere I could see them and be forced to see them everyday.

So I asked myself what’s the one thing that I look at every single day multiple times per day?

My phone. But I didn’t want to have to go into an app to see it. That would take more work.

My lock screen… I can save my goals to my lock screen and I would be able to see them everyday multiple times per day. And I would be able to see what goals I’ve accomplished.

So I created my first goal grid using photoshop…see here:

  1. Land my first big client and launch my company
  2. Have my first child
  3. Move out of my parents house
  4. Help my girlfriend beat endometriosis
  5. Buy that engagement ring
  6. Graduate college

After  I created my Goal Grid I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t change my lock screen until every goal was complete.

Every day I felt like giving up but I would look at my lockscreen and keep pushing. It was the hardest journey I have taken thus far but I stayed the course and executed. Each time I completed a goal I would feel more and more confident in my abilities.

Everytime I would get into a lull and escape to my phone I would see my goals on my lockscreen and rethink what I was about to do. This helped me stay focused and cut down my time I would spend wasting time.

I was finally holding myself accountable to the goals I told myself I would accomplish… and it felt dam good accomplishing them.

In just 18 months:

I graduated from college with my bachelors degree in finance, landed my first six figure contract and was able to launch my company, moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment, helped my girlfriend beat the unforgiving endometriosis, successfully got pregnant after 10 failed attempts and had our first child, and turned my girlfriend into my fiance.

After seeing how powerful this was I created an app that allows you to turn your lock screen wallpaper into a Goal Grid so that everyone could create their own Goal Grid.

If you’ve been struggling to stay on course with accomplishing your goals then I ask that you give Goal Grid a try. It’s in the App Store now! Give it a try: Download Goal Grid

It’s extremely simple to set up and powerfully effective

New updates are rolling out every month with new cool features to make Goal Grid the #1 wallpaper app in the country and seeing everyone accomplish their goals.