Year 1 is a series of personal thoughts on my journey to building LUMA during the first year of inception.

One thing I am seeing over and over very early is Cash is literally the blood of my business. Like my body needs blood to ensure all of my parts are operating my business needs cash.

So how do I get cash? Sales.

Right now my phone and email isn’t buzzing enough to my liking. My realistic sales goal for 2019 is to do half a million in sales. My stretch goal is a million. 

In order to do $500k in sales I’m going to need a system and a great product ladder. For now I’ll focus on the system to bring in the first sale. I need a system that is able to:

  • build customer personas of our target customer
  • gather their contact information
  • call and email to qualify and schedule a demo
  • conduct demo presentation
  • follow up and close into a new client

Getting Initial Traction

Building that initial momentum is by far the hardest part for me. Getting people interested in working with LUMA is difficult. I think part of my problem is that I’m trying to rush the process. I think if I slow it down and keep the motto, “The work I do today, is what I will get paid for next year.” 

Which means most of the moves I make today, tomorrow, and the next day will have the biggest impact next year. Balancing that with the fact that I have to take actions that have a high percentage chance at generating revenue today as well.