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We must rebuild the PRIDE our town once had. Century was a strong resilient town full of life but after decades of failed local government, the closing and burning down of our schools, misplacement and mismanagement of funds, negative media coverage with an underlying agenda, and the lack of high paying jobs to help our people prosper Century is at its lowest level ever.

Through it all Century has stood strong in the face of all adversity. Through it all our people are still good people, our people are still Gods people. We have shown that even in the valley we can continue on, but now is the time to rise. Now is the time to make our way to the top of the hill. Now is the time to trot a new path guided by a new vision.

Together we will rise up to build a new Century for all of us to live and thrive peacefully. No matter your race, color, or nationality if you call Century home we are all one. For we all are Gods greatest creation and each one of us possess special gifts, skills, and talents that will be called upon to make this Century better than any Century that came before it.

Below you will find the vision I have set forth for our town. This is a lifelong mission that will take many years to accomplish. This is the beginning.


We will work collectively to bring each one of these 6 points to life. Right now each one of these is at its lowest levels so we must understand that the process will be difficult, long, and require a high level of perseverance. I have faith that within the next 15-20 years:

  • We will Reestablish our elementary, middle, and high schools with a focus on advanced skill-based learning to prepare our youth for entrepreneurship & in-demand jobs
  • Our citizens will have access to jobs both remotely and within a 20-mile radius that provides wages over $15/hour along with full benefits
  • We will have a full-fledge hospital and ER that provides affordable care to all of us
  • Bring successful thriving businesses to our town & develop a downtown business district
  • We will establish programs that make homeownership a reality for all citizens
  • Bring back the Blackcat PRIDE our town once had and take it to new levels.
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